ProsodyVolume ProsodyVolume ProsodyVolume ProsodyVolume Enum


Enumerates values for the Volume property of a Prosody object.

public enum class ProsodyVolume
public enum ProsodyVolume
type ProsodyVolume = 
Public Enum ProsodyVolume


Default Default Default Default -1

Current default volume value, same as the value returned by the Volume property on the ITtsEngineSite site supplied to that engine.

ExtraLoud ExtraLoud ExtraLoud ExtraLoud -7

Maximum volume.

ExtraSoft ExtraSoft ExtraSoft ExtraSoft -3

Approximately 20% of maximum volume.

Loud Loud Loud Loud -6

Approximately 80% of maximum volume.

Medium Medium Medium Medium -5

Approximately 60% of maximum volume.

Silent Silent Silent Silent -2

Volume off.

Soft Soft Soft Soft -4

Approximately 40% of maximum volume.


Typically synthetic speech engine output volume as defined by the members of ProsodyVolume correspond to a percent of the maximum possible output loudness. For instance, Loud corresponds to approximately 80% of the maximum volume. However, any specific synthetic speech engine implementations may choose how to render audio output for a given value of ProsodyVolume.

The current base volume setting for a custom synthetic speech engine is obtained as a ProsodyVolume value through the Volume property on the ITtsEngineSite site supplied to that engine.

Fine tuning and modulation of output volume is managed on the basis of particular TextFragment objects, using members of ProsodyVolume to set the Volume property on instances of Prosody used in creating or modifying the FragmentState object for the instance of TextFragment.

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