VoiceAge Enum


Defines the values for the age of a synthesized voice.

public enum class VoiceAge
public enum VoiceAge
type VoiceAge = 
Public Enum VoiceAge


Adult 30

Indicates an adult voice (age 30).

Child 10

Indicates a child voice (age 10).

NotSet 0

Indicates that no voice age is specified.

Senior 65

Indicates a senior voice (age 65).

Teen 15

Indicates a teenage voice (age 15).


VoiceAge can indicate the age of an existing voice or an age preference when selecting a voice. Three of the SelectVoiceByHints methods and two of the StartVoice methods use VoiceAge to specify the age when selecting a voice. The Age property obtains the age of an existing voice using a VoiceAge member.

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