JsonReaderState JsonReaderState JsonReaderState JsonReaderState Struct


Defines an opaque type that holds and saves all the relevant state information, which must be provided to the Utf8JsonReader to continue reading after processing incomplete data.

public value class JsonReaderState
public struct JsonReaderState
type JsonReaderState = struct
Public Structure JsonReaderState


JsonReaderState is required to support reentrancy when reading incomplete data, and to continue reading once more data is available. Unlike the Utf8JsonReader struct, which is a ref struct, this type can survive across async/await boundaries, and hence it's required to provide support for reading more data asynchronously before continuing with a new instance of the Utf8JsonReader.


JsonReaderState(JsonReaderOptions) JsonReaderState(JsonReaderOptions) JsonReaderState(JsonReaderOptions) JsonReaderState(JsonReaderOptions)

Constructs a new JsonReaderState instance.


Options Options Options Options

Gets the custom behavior to use when reading JSON data using the Utf8JsonReader struct that may deviate from strict adherence to the JSON specification, which is the default behavior.

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