JsonSerializerOptions.TypeInfoResolverChain Property


Gets the list of chained JsonTypeInfo contract resolvers used by this instance.

 property System::Collections::Generic::IList<System::Text::Json::Serialization::Metadata::IJsonTypeInfoResolver ^> ^ TypeInfoResolverChain { System::Collections::Generic::IList<System::Text::Json::Serialization::Metadata::IJsonTypeInfoResolver ^> ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.Generic.IList<System.Text.Json.Serialization.Metadata.IJsonTypeInfoResolver> TypeInfoResolverChain { get; }
member this.TypeInfoResolverChain : System.Collections.Generic.IList<System.Text.Json.Serialization.Metadata.IJsonTypeInfoResolver>
Public ReadOnly Property TypeInfoResolverChain As IList(Of IJsonTypeInfoResolver)

Property Value


The ordering of the chain is significant: JsonSerializerOptions will query each of the resolvers in their specified order, returning the first result that is non-null. If all resolvers in the chain return null, then JsonSerializerOptions will also return null.

This property is auxiliary to and is kept in sync with the TypeInfoResolver property. Any change made to this property is reflected by TypeInfoResolver and vice versa.

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