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JsonPropertyInfo.ShouldSerialize Property


Gets or sets a predicate that determines whether the current property value should be serialized.

 property Func<System::Object ^, System::Object ^, bool> ^ ShouldSerialize { Func<System::Object ^, System::Object ^, bool> ^ get(); void set(Func<System::Object ^, System::Object ^, bool> ^ value); };
public Func<object,object?,bool>? ShouldSerialize { get; set; }
member this.ShouldSerialize : Func<obj, obj, bool> with get, set
Public Property ShouldSerialize As Func(Of Object, Object, Boolean)

Property Value


The JsonPropertyInfo instance has been locked for further modification.


The first parameter denotes the parent object, and the second parameter denotes the property value.

Setting the predicate to null is equivalent to always serializing the property value.

For contracts originating from DefaultJsonTypeInfoResolver, the value of Condition will map to this predicate.

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