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Utf8JsonWriter.DisposeAsync Method


Asynchronously commits any leftover JSON text that has not yet been flushed and releases all resources used by the current instance.

 virtual System::Threading::Tasks::ValueTask DisposeAsync();
public System.Threading.Tasks.ValueTask DisposeAsync ();
abstract member DisposeAsync : unit -> System.Threading.Tasks.ValueTask
override this.DisposeAsync : unit -> System.Threading.Tasks.ValueTask
Public Function DisposeAsync () As ValueTask


A task representing the asynchronous dispose operation.



In the case of IBufferWriter, this advances the underlying IBufferWriter<T> based on what has been written so far.

In the case of Stream, this writes the data to the stream and flushes it.

The Utf8JsonWriter instance cannot be reused after disposing.

This method stores in the task it returns all non-usage exceptions that the method's synchronous counterpart can throw. If an exception is stored into the returned task, that exception will be thrown when the task is awaited. Usage exceptions, such as ArgumentException, are still thrown synchronously. For the stored exceptions, see the exceptions thrown by Dispose().

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