HostExecutionContextManager HostExecutionContextManager HostExecutionContextManager HostExecutionContextManager Class


Provides the functionality that allows a common language runtime host to participate in the flow, or migration, of the execution context.

public ref class HostExecutionContextManager
public class HostExecutionContextManager
type HostExecutionContextManager = class
Public Class HostExecutionContextManager


If the current AppDomainManager has a reference to a HostExecutionContextManager in its HostExecutionContextManager property, then the common language runtime calls the manager every time a call to the ExecutionContext.Run method occurs, to allow the host to participate in the flow of the execution context.


HostExecutionContextManager() HostExecutionContextManager() HostExecutionContextManager() HostExecutionContextManager()

Initializes a new instance of the HostExecutionContextManager class.


Capture() Capture() Capture() Capture()

Captures the host execution context from the current thread.

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Revert(Object) Revert(Object) Revert(Object) Revert(Object)

Restores the host execution context to its prior state.

SetHostExecutionContext(HostExecutionContext) SetHostExecutionContext(HostExecutionContext) SetHostExecutionContext(HostExecutionContext) SetHostExecutionContext(HostExecutionContext)

Sets the current host execution context to the specified host execution context.

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