Interlocked.Read(Int64) Interlocked.Read(Int64) Interlocked.Read(Int64) Interlocked.Read(Int64) Method


Returns a 64-bit value, loaded as an atomic operation.

 static long Read(long % location);
public static long Read (ref long location);
static member Read :  -> int64
Public Shared Function Read (ByRef location As Long) As Long
Int64 Int64 Int64 Int64

The 64-bit value to be loaded.


The loaded value.


The Read method is unnecessary on 64-bit systems, because 64-bit read operations are already atomic. On 32-bit systems, 64-bit read operations are not atomic unless performed using Read.

The Read method and the 64-bit overloads of the Increment, Decrement, and Add methods are truly atomic only on systems where a System.IntPtr is 64 bits long. On other systems, these methods are atomic with respect to each other, but not with respect to other means of accessing the data. Thus, to be thread safe on 32-bit systems, any access to a 64-bit value must be made through the members of the Interlocked class.


IntPtr is a platform-specific type.

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