LazyThreadSafetyMode.None Field


The Lazy<T> instance is not thread safe; if the instance is accessed from multiple threads, its behavior is undefined. Use this mode only when high performance is crucial and the Lazy<T> instance is guaranteed never to be initialized from more than one thread. If you use a Lazy<T> constructor that specifies an initialization method (valueFactory parameter), and if that initialization method throws an exception (or fails to handle an exception) the first time you call the Value property, then the exception is cached and thrown again on subsequent calls to the Value property. If you use a Lazy<T> constructor that does not specify an initialization method, exceptions that are thrown by the default constructor for T are not cached. In that case, a subsequent call to the Value property might successfully initialize the Lazy<T> instance. If the initialization method recursively accesses the Value property of the Lazy<T> instance, an InvalidOperationException is thrown.

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