SemaphoreSlim.AvailableWaitHandle SemaphoreSlim.AvailableWaitHandle SemaphoreSlim.AvailableWaitHandle SemaphoreSlim.AvailableWaitHandle Property


Returns a WaitHandle that can be used to wait on the semaphore.

 property System::Threading::WaitHandle ^ AvailableWaitHandle { System::Threading::WaitHandle ^ get(); };
public System.Threading.WaitHandle AvailableWaitHandle { get; }
member this.AvailableWaitHandle : System.Threading.WaitHandle
Public ReadOnly Property AvailableWaitHandle As WaitHandle

Property Value

A WaitHandle that can be used to wait on the semaphore.



Use this property only when you must wait on a SemaphoreSlim together with other kernel-based synchronization objects with the same wait handle. A successful wait on the AvailableWaitHandle does not imply a successful wait on the SemaphoreSlim itself, nor does it decrement the semaphore's count. After the available wait handle is signaled, you should wait on the SemaphoreSlim specifically.

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