IPropagatorBlock<TInput,TOutput> IPropagatorBlock<TInput,TOutput> IPropagatorBlock<TInput,TOutput> IPropagatorBlock<TInput,TOutput> Interface


Represents a dataflow block that is both a target for data and a source of data.

generic <typename TInput, typename TOutput>
public interface class IPropagatorBlock : System::Threading::Tasks::Dataflow::ISourceBlock<TOutput>, System::Threading::Tasks::Dataflow::ITargetBlock<TInput>
public interface IPropagatorBlock<in TInput,out TOutput> : System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.ISourceBlock<out TOutput>, System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.ITargetBlock<in TInput>
type IPropagatorBlock<'Input, 'Output> = interface
    interface IDataflowBlock
    interface ISourceBlock<'Output>
    interface ITargetBlock<'Input>
Public Interface IPropagatorBlock(Of In TInput, Out TOutput)
Implements ISourceBlock(Of Out TOutput), ITargetBlock(Of In TInput)

Type Parameters


Specifies the type of data accepted by the IPropagatorBlock<TInput,TOutput>.


Specifies the type of data supplied by the IPropagatorBlock<TInput,TOutput>.




The TPL Dataflow Library (the System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow namespace) is not distributed with .NET. To install the System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow namespace in Visual Studio, open your project, choose Manage NuGet Packages from the Project menu, and search online for the System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow package. Alternatively, to install it using the .NET Core CLI, run dotnet add package System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.

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