TransformBlock<TInput,TOutput>.Completion TransformBlock<TInput,TOutput>.Completion TransformBlock<TInput,TOutput>.Completion TransformBlock<TInput,TOutput>.Completion Property


Gets a Task that represents the asynchronous operation and completion of the dataflow block.

 property System::Threading::Tasks::Task ^ Completion { System::Threading::Tasks::Task ^ get(); };
public System.Threading.Tasks.Task Completion { get; }
member this.Completion : System.Threading.Tasks.Task
Public ReadOnly Property Completion As Task

Property Value

The task.



A dataflow block is considered completed when it is not currently processing a message and when it has guaranteed that it will not process any more messages. The returned Task will transition to a completed state when the associated block has completed. It will transition to the TaskStatusRanToCompletion state when the block completes its processing successfully according to the dataflow block's defined semantics. It will transition to the TaskStatusFaulted state when the dataflow block has completed processing prematurely due to an unhandled exception, and it will transition to the TaskStatusCanceled state when the dataflow block has completed processing prematurely due to receiving a cancellation request. If the task completes in the Faulted state, its Exception property will return an AggregateException containing the one or more exceptions that caused the block to fail.

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