TransformBlock<TInput,TOutput>.ITargetBlock<TInput>.OfferMessage(DataflowMessageHeader, TInput, ISourceBlock<TInput>, Boolean) Method


Offers a message to the ITargetBlock<TInput>, giving the target the opportunity to consume or postpone the message.

 virtual System::Threading::Tasks::Dataflow::DataflowMessageStatus System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.ITargetBlock<TInput>.OfferMessage(System::Threading::Tasks::Dataflow::DataflowMessageHeader messageHeader, TInput messageValue, System::Threading::Tasks::Dataflow::ISourceBlock<TInput> ^ source, bool consumeToAccept) = System::Threading::Tasks::Dataflow::ITargetBlock<TInput>::OfferMessage;
System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.DataflowMessageStatus ITargetBlock<TInput>.OfferMessage (System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.DataflowMessageHeader messageHeader, TInput messageValue, System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.ISourceBlock<TInput> source, bool consumeToAccept);
Function OfferMessage (messageHeader As DataflowMessageHeader, messageValue As TInput, source As ISourceBlock(Of TInput), consumeToAccept As Boolean) As DataflowMessageStatus Implements ITargetBlock(Of TInput).OfferMessage



A DataflowMessageHeader instance that represents the header of the message being offered.


The value of the message being offered.


The ISourceBlock<TOutput> offering the message. This may be null.


true if the target must call ConsumeMessage(DataflowMessageHeader, ITargetBlock<TOutput>, Boolean) synchronously during the call to ITargetBlock<TInput>.OfferMessage(DataflowMessageHeader, TInput, ISourceBlock<TInput>, Boolean), prior to returning Accepted, in order to consume the message.


The status of the offered message. If the message was accepted by the target, Accepted is returned, and the source should no longer use the offered message, because it is now owned by the target. If the message was postponed by the target, Postponed is returned as a notification that the target may later attempt to consume or reserve the message; in the meantime, the source still owns the message and may offer it to other blocks.

If the target would have otherwise postponed but source was null, Declined is instead returned.

If the target tried to accept the message but missed it due to the source delivering the message to another target or simply discarding it, NotAvailable is returned.

If the target chose not to accept the message, Declined is returned. If the target chose not to accept the message and will never accept another message from this source, DecliningPermanently is returned.



The messageHeader is not valid.

-or- consumeToAccept may only be true if provided with a non-null source.

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