UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs Class


Provides data for the event that is raised when a faulted Task's exception goes unobserved.

public ref class UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs : EventArgs
public class UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs : EventArgs
type UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


The Exception property is used to examine the exception without marking it as observed, whereas the SetObserved method is used to mark the exception as observed. Marking the exception as observed prevents it from triggering exception escalation policy which, by default, terminates the process.


UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs(AggregateException) UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs(AggregateException) UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs(AggregateException) UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs(AggregateException)

Initializes a new instance of the UnobservedTaskExceptionEventArgs class with the unobserved exception.


Exception Exception Exception Exception

The Exception that went unobserved.

Observed Observed Observed Observed

Gets whether this exception has been marked as "observed."


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SetObserved() SetObserved() SetObserved() SetObserved()

Marks the Exception as "observed," thus preventing it from triggering exception escalation policy which, by default, terminates the process.

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