Thread.ResetAbort Method


Cancels an Abort(Object) requested for the current thread.

 static void ResetAbort();
public static void ResetAbort ();
static member ResetAbort : unit -> unit
Public Shared Sub ResetAbort ()


.NET Core only: This member is not supported.

Abort was not invoked on the current thread.

The caller does not have the required security permission for the current thread.


This method can only be called by code with the proper permissions.

When a call is made to Abort to terminate a thread, the system throws a ThreadAbortException. ThreadAbortException is a special exception that can be caught by application code, but is rethrown at the end of the catch block unless ResetAbort is called. ResetAbort cancels the request to abort, and prevents the ThreadAbortException from terminating the thread.

See ThreadAbortException for an example that demonstrates calling the ResetAbort method.

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