Type.GetTypeFromHandle(RuntimeTypeHandle) Type.GetTypeFromHandle(RuntimeTypeHandle) Type.GetTypeFromHandle(RuntimeTypeHandle) Type.GetTypeFromHandle(RuntimeTypeHandle) Method


Gets the type referenced by the specified type handle.

 static Type ^ GetTypeFromHandle(RuntimeTypeHandle handle);
public static Type GetTypeFromHandle (RuntimeTypeHandle handle);
static member GetTypeFromHandle : RuntimeTypeHandle -> Type
Public Shared Function GetTypeFromHandle (handle As RuntimeTypeHandle) As Type


RuntimeTypeHandle RuntimeTypeHandle RuntimeTypeHandle RuntimeTypeHandle

The object that refers to the type.


The type referenced by the specified RuntimeTypeHandle, or null if the Value property of handle is null.



The following example uses the GetTypeFromHandle method to get a Type object from a RuntimeTypeHandle provided by the GetTypeHandle method.

MyClass1^ myClass1 = gcnew MyClass1;
// Get the type referenced by the specified type handle.
Type^ myClass1Type = Type::GetTypeFromHandle( Type::GetTypeHandle( myClass1 ) );
Console::WriteLine( "The Names of the Attributes : {0}", myClass1Type->Attributes );
MyClass1 myClass1 = new MyClass1();
 // Get the type referenced by the specified type handle.
Type myClass1Type = Type.GetTypeFromHandle(Type.GetTypeHandle(myClass1));
Console.WriteLine("The Names of the Attributes :"+myClass1Type.Attributes);
   Dim myClass1 As New MyClass1()
   ' Get the type referenced by the specified type handle.
   Dim myClass1Type As Type = Type.GetTypeFromHandle(Type.GetTypeHandle(MyClass1))
   Console.WriteLine(("The Names of the Attributes :" + myClass1Type.Attributes.ToString()))
End Sub


The handles are valid only in the application domain in which they were obtained.

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