UIntPtr.Zero Field


A read-only field that represents a pointer or handle that has been initialized to zero.

public: static initonly UIntPtr Zero;
public static readonly UIntPtr Zero;
 staticval mutable Zero : unativeint
Public Shared ReadOnly Zero As UIntPtr 

Field Value


The value of this field is not equivalent to null. Use this field to efficiently determine whether an instance of UIntPtr has been set to a value other than zero.

For example, assume the variable, uip, is an instance of UIntPtr. You can determine if it has been set by comparing it to the value returned by a constructor, for example: " if uip != new UIntPtr(0)... ". However, invoking a constructor to get an uninitialized pointer is inefficient. It is better to code either " if uip != UIntPtr.Zero... ", or " if !UIntPtr.Zero.Equals(uip)... ".

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