UriTemplate.Match(Uri, Uri) UriTemplate.Match(Uri, Uri) UriTemplate.Match(Uri, Uri) UriTemplate.Match(Uri, Uri) Method


Attempts to match a Uri to a UriTemplate.

 UriTemplateMatch ^ Match(Uri ^ baseAddress, Uri ^ candidate);
public UriTemplateMatch Match (Uri baseAddress, Uri candidate);
member this.Match : Uri * Uri -> UriTemplateMatch
Public Function Match (baseAddress As Uri, candidate As Uri) As UriTemplateMatch
Uri Uri Uri Uri

The base address.

Uri Uri Uri Uri

The Uri to match against the template.



The following example shows how to call the Match(Uri, Uri) method.

UriTemplate template = new UriTemplate("weather/{state}/{city}?forecast={day}");
Uri prefix = new Uri("http://localhost");

Uri fullUri = new Uri("http://localhost/weather/Washington/Redmond?forecast=today");
UriTemplateMatch results = template.Match(prefix, fullUri);

Console.WriteLine("Matching {0} to {1}", template.ToString(), fullUri.ToString());

if (results != null)
    foreach (string variableName in results.BoundVariables.Keys)
        Console.WriteLine("   {0}: {1}", variableName, results.BoundVariables[variableName]);
Dim template As UriTemplate = New UriTemplate("weather/{state}/{city}?forecast={day}")
Dim prefix As Uri = New Uri("http://localhost")

Dim fullUri As Uri = New Uri("http://localhost/weather/Washington/Redmond?forecast=today")
Dim results As UriTemplateMatch = template.Match(prefix, fullUri)

Console.WriteLine("Matching {0} to {1}", template.ToString(), fullUri.ToString())

If results IsNot Nothing Then
    For Each variableName As String In results.BoundVariables.Keys
        Console.WriteLine("   {0}: {1}", variableName, results.BoundVariables(variableName))
End If


If the match is successful the UriTemplateMatch is populated with the URI segments, variable values, query string values, and wildcard segments from the candidate URI. If the match is unsuccessful, null is returned.

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