RoleService.GetRolesForCurrentUser RoleService.GetRolesForCurrentUser RoleService.GetRolesForCurrentUser RoleService.GetRolesForCurrentUser Method


Returns all the roles for the logged-in user.

 cli::array <System::String ^> ^ GetRolesForCurrentUser();
public string[] GetRolesForCurrentUser ();
member this.GetRolesForCurrentUser : unit -> string[]
Public Function GetRolesForCurrentUser () As String()



An array of the names of the roles that the user belongs to.



The GetRolesForCurrentUser method returns all the roles for the user. You use the GetRolesForCurrentUser method when you must check or retain all the user's roles to determine which resources are available to the user. You can use this method to avoid multiple calls to the IsCurrentUserInRole method.

Calling the GetRolesForCurrentUser method raises the SelectingProvider event.


Do not call the GetRolesForCurrentUser method from code that is executing on the Web server. You call the GetRolesForCurrentUser method only as part of a WCF service. For more information about how to read a user's roles in code that is executing on the Web server, see the GetRolesForUser method.

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