BuildProvider.GetDefaultCompilerType Method


Returns the compiler settings for the default language in the application.

 System::Web::Compilation::CompilerType ^ GetDefaultCompilerType();
protected System.Web.Compilation.CompilerType GetDefaultCompilerType ();
member this.GetDefaultCompilerType : unit -> System.Web.Compilation.CompilerType
Protected Function GetDefaultCompilerType () As CompilerType



A CompilerType that represents the compiler settings for the default language in the application. The base class returns the default compiler based on the application configuration file.


Use the GetDefaultCompilerType method to examine the default compiler type for a build provider. Use the GetDefaultCompilerTypeForLanguage method to examine the compiler type configured in a build provider for a specific language name.

The base BuildProvider class determines the default compiler type using the defaultLanguage attribute value in the section of the application configuration file. If there is no default language setting in the compilation section, the default compiler type is set using the VBCodeProvider language provider.

When deriving from the BuildProvider class, you can use GetDefaultCompilerType to set the CodeCompilerType property within your implementation.

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