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The BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator class is used internally by the aspnet_regbrowsers tool to parse .browser browser definition files and add browsers to the run-time collection of known browsers contained in the BrowserCapabilitiesFactory object.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public ref class BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator
public class BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator
type BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator = class
Public Class BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator


This class generates the source code for an assembly for the BrowserCapabilitiesFactory class, which, at run time, produces request-specific HttpCapabilitiesBase objects to be publicly accessed through the ASP.NET intrinsic Request.Browser property.


BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator() BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator() BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator() BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator()

Used internally to create a new instance of BrowserCapabilitiesCodeGenerator.


Create() Create() Create() Create()

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ProcessBrowserFiles(Boolean, String) ProcessBrowserFiles(Boolean, String) ProcessBrowserFiles(Boolean, String) ProcessBrowserFiles(Boolean, String)

Loads and parses the XML contained in a collection of browser-definition files and inserts the information contained therein into an internal collection of browsers.

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Uninstall() Uninstall() Uninstall() Uninstall()

Removes the browser capabilities factory from the global assembly cache and deletes its strong name public key token file.

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