SessionStateSection.PartitionResolverType Property


Gets or sets a value specifying where to store the session state.

 property System::String ^ PartitionResolverType { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
[System.Configuration.ConfigurationProperty("partitionResolverType", DefaultValue="")]
public string PartitionResolverType { get; set; }
member this.PartitionResolverType : string with get, set
Public Property PartitionResolverType As String

Property Value

A value specifying where to store the session state, or an empty string ("").



If the PartitionResolverType property is specified, the SqlConnectionString property and StateConnectionString property are ignored. The PartitionResolverType can be locked via the LockAttributes property like other properties within the sessionState Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema) element. The connection string returned by the PartitionResolverType will be used on every request to connect to the appropriate server location for the remainder of the request. If the connection string is invalid, ASP.NET will throw the same exception that is thrown when the configured connection string to the server is invalid.

This property is used to partition session-state data across multiple backend nodes when in SQL or state-server mode.

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