TraceDisplayMode Enum


Specifies the order in which trace messages are displayed.

public enum class TraceDisplayMode
public enum TraceDisplayMode
type TraceDisplayMode = 
Public Enum TraceDisplayMode


SortByCategory 2

Emit trace messages alphabetically by category.

SortByTime 1

Emit trace messages in the order they were processed.


The following code example shows how to use the TraceMode property. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the TraceSection class.

// Get the current Mode property value.
// TraceDisplayMode modeValue = traceSection.TraceMode;

// Set the Mode property to TraceDisplayMode.SortyByTime.
// traceSection.Mode = TraceDisplayMode.SortByTime;

' Get the current Mode property value.
'Dim modeValue As TraceDisplayMode = traceSection.TraceMode

' Set the Mode property to TraceDisplayMode.SortByTime.
'traceSection.Mode = TraceDisplayMode.SortByTime


This enumeration defines the values you can use when setting the TraceMode property.

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