IProcessHostPreloadClient IProcessHostPreloadClient IProcessHostPreloadClient IProcessHostPreloadClient Interface


Defines an interface that can be implemented in a type in order to preload the type in an ASP.NET application that is running on IIS 7.0.

public interface class IProcessHostPreloadClient
public interface IProcessHostPreloadClient
type IProcessHostPreloadClient = interface
Public Interface IProcessHostPreloadClient


This interface is intended primarily for use by WCF applications that are non-HTTP applications. ASP.NET developers who want to preload ASP.NET Web applications should use the simulated HTTP requests in IIS 7.0 combined with the Application_Start method in the Global.asax file.


The IProcessHostPreloadClient type and its methods apply only to applications that run on IIS 7.0 and Windows 7.


Preload(String[]) Preload(String[]) Preload(String[]) Preload(String[])

Provides initialization data that is required in order to preload the application.

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