RecycleLimitObserver RecycleLimitObserver RecycleLimitObserver RecycleLimitObserver Class


An observer that implements ASP.NET's default reaction to RecycleLimitInfo events raised by the application's recycle limit monitor.

public ref class RecycleLimitObserver : IObserver<System::Web::Hosting::RecycleLimitInfo ^>
public class RecycleLimitObserver : IObserver<System.Web.Hosting.RecycleLimitInfo>
type RecycleLimitObserver = class
    interface IObserver<RecycleLimitInfo>
Public Class RecycleLimitObserver
Implements IObserver(Of RecycleLimitInfo)


RecycleLimitObserver() RecycleLimitObserver() RecycleLimitObserver() RecycleLimitObserver()

Initializes a new instance of the RecycleLimitObserver class.


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OnCompleted() OnCompleted() OnCompleted() OnCompleted()

Has no effect in the RecycleLimitObserver class.

OnError(Exception) OnError(Exception) OnError(Exception) OnError(Exception)

Has no effect in the RecycleLimitObserver class.

OnNext(RecycleLimitInfo) OnNext(RecycleLimitInfo) OnNext(RecycleLimitInfo) OnNext(RecycleLimitInfo)

Provides the observer with new data.

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