HttpCacheRevalidation HttpCacheRevalidation HttpCacheRevalidation HttpCacheRevalidation Enum


Provides enumerated values that are used to set revalidation-specific Cache-Control HTTP headers.

public enum class HttpCacheRevalidation
public enum HttpCacheRevalidation
type HttpCacheRevalidation = 
Public Enum HttpCacheRevalidation


AllCaches AllCaches AllCaches AllCaches 1

Sets the HTTP header to Cache-Control: must-revalidate.

None None None None 3

If this value is set, no cache-revalidation directive is sent. The default value.

ProxyCaches ProxyCaches ProxyCaches ProxyCaches 2

Sets the HTTP header to Cache-Control: proxy-revalidate.


The HttpCacheRevalidation enumeration is used to set revalidation-specific HTTP headers, and is set using the SetRevalidation method. If the SetRevalidation method is not called, no Cache-Control HTTP header is set.

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