IUnvalidatedValueProvider IUnvalidatedValueProvider IUnvalidatedValueProvider IUnvalidatedValueProvider Interface


Defines the method that is required for an unvalidated value provider.

public interface class IUnvalidatedValueProvider : System::Web::ModelBinding::IValueProvider
public interface IUnvalidatedValueProvider : System.Web.ModelBinding.IValueProvider
type IUnvalidatedValueProvider = interface
    interface IValueProvider
Public Interface IUnvalidatedValueProvider
Implements IValueProvider


ContainsPrefix(String) ContainsPrefix(String) ContainsPrefix(String) ContainsPrefix(String)

Returns a value that specifies whether the collection contains the specified prefix.

(Inherited from IValueProvider)
GetValue(String) GetValue(String) GetValue(String) GetValue(String)

Returns a value object using the specified key.

(Inherited from IValueProvider)
GetValue(String, Boolean) GetValue(String, Boolean) GetValue(String, Boolean) GetValue(String, Boolean)

Returns a value using the specified key and optionally a value that specifies that request validation should be skipped.

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