JsonResult JsonResult JsonResult Class


Represents a class that is used to send JSON-formatted content to the response.

public class JsonResult : System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult
type JsonResult = class
    inherit ActionResult
Public Class JsonResult
Inherits ActionResult


JsonResult() JsonResult() JsonResult()

Initializes a new instance of the JsonResult class.


ContentEncoding ContentEncoding ContentEncoding

Gets or sets the content encoding.

ContentType ContentType ContentType

Gets or sets the type of the content.

Data Data Data

Gets or sets the data.

JsonRequestBehavior JsonRequestBehavior JsonRequestBehavior

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether HTTP GET requests from the client are allowed.

MaxJsonLength MaxJsonLength MaxJsonLength

Gets or sets the maximum length of data.

RecursionLimit RecursionLimit RecursionLimit

Gets or sets the recursion limit.


ExecuteResult(ControllerContext) ExecuteResult(ControllerContext) ExecuteResult(ControllerContext)

Enables processing of the result of an action method by a custom type that inherits from the ActionResult class.

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