ParserErrorCollection.Insert(Int32, ParserError) Method


Inserts the specified ParserError object into the collection at the specified index.

 void Insert(int index, System::Web::ParserError ^ value);
public void Insert (int index, System.Web.ParserError value);
member this.Insert : int * System.Web.ParserError -> unit
Public Sub Insert (index As Integer, value As ParserError)



The index within the collection at which to insert the ParserError.


The ParserError object to insert into the collection.


The following code example demonstrates how to insert a ParserError object at the specified index in a ParserErrorCollection collection.

// Insert a ParserError at index 0 of the collection.
ParserError error = new ParserError("Error", "Path", 1);
collection.Insert(0, error);

// Remove the specified ParserError from the collection.
' Insert a ParserError at index 0 of the collection.
Dim [error] As New ParserError("Error", "Path", 1)
collection.Insert(0, [error])

' Remove the specified ParserError from the collection.


Use the Insert method to insert an existing ParserError object at a particular index within the collection.

You cannot add the same ParserError object to the collection more than once. When you call the Insert method by using a ParserError that is already in the collection, the insertion fails. Use the Contains method before the insertion to determine whether a particular ParserError is already in the collection. To reposition a ParserError within the collection, you must first remove it by using the Remove method and then insert it at the desired index by using Insert.

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