ProcessShutdownReason Enum


Provides enumerated values that indicate why a process has shut down.

public enum class ProcessShutdownReason
public enum ProcessShutdownReason
type ProcessShutdownReason = 
Public Enum ProcessShutdownReason


DeadlockSuspected 8

Indicates that a deadlock was suspected because the response time limit was exceeded with requests in the queue.

IdleTimeout 5

Indicates that the process exceeded the allowable idle time.

MemoryLimitExceeded 6

Indicates that the process exceeded the per-process memory limit.

None 0

Indicates that the process has not shut down.

PingFailed 7

Indicates that the worker process did not respond to a ping from the Internet Information Services (IIS) process.

RequestQueueLimit 3

Indicates that requests assigned to the process exceeded the allowable number in the queue.

RequestsLimit 2

Indicates that requests executed by the process exceeded the allowable limit.

Timeout 4

Indicates that the process restarted because it was active longer than allowed.

Unexpected 1

Indicates that the process shut down unexpectedly.

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