LowerCodeCharts LowerCodeCharts LowerCodeCharts LowerCodeCharts Enum


Specifies values for the lower region of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts, from U0000 to U0FFF.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class LowerCodeCharts
public enum LowerCodeCharts
type LowerCodeCharts = 
Public Enum LowerCodeCharts


Arabic Arabic Arabic Arabic 4096

The Arabic code chart.

ArabicSupplement ArabicSupplement ArabicSupplement ArabicSupplement 16384

The Arabic Supplement code chart.

Armenian Armenian Armenian Armenian 1024

The Armenian code chart.

BasicLatin BasicLatin BasicLatin BasicLatin 1

The Basic Latin code chart.

Bengali Bengali Bengali Bengali 524288

The Bengali code chart.

C1ControlsAndLatin1Supplement C1ControlsAndLatin1Supplement C1ControlsAndLatin1Supplement C1ControlsAndLatin1Supplement 2

The C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement code chart.

CombiningDiacriticalMarks CombiningDiacriticalMarks CombiningDiacriticalMarks CombiningDiacriticalMarks 64

The Combining Diacritical Marks code chart.

Cyrillic Cyrillic Cyrillic Cyrillic 256

The Cyrillic code chart.

CyrillicSupplement CyrillicSupplement CyrillicSupplement CyrillicSupplement 512

The Cyrillic Supplement code chart.

Default Default Default Default 127

The code charts that are marked as safe on initialization. Default is a bitwise combination of the following LowerCodeCharts. members: Default, BasicLatin, C1ControlsAndLatin1Supplement, LatinExtendedA, LatinExtendedB, IpaExtensions, SpacingModifierLetters, and CombiningDiacriticalMarks.

Devanagari Devanagari Devanagari Devanagari 262144

The Devanagari code chart.

GreekAndCoptic GreekAndCoptic GreekAndCoptic GreekAndCoptic 128

The Greek and Coptic code chart.

Gujarati Gujarati Gujarati Gujarati 2097152

The Gujarati code chart.

Gurmukhi Gurmukhi Gurmukhi Gurmukhi 1048576

The Gurmukhi code chart.

Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew 2048

The Hebrew code chart.

IpaExtensions IpaExtensions IpaExtensions IpaExtensions 16

The IPA Extensions code chart.

Kannada Kannada Kannada Kannada 33554432

The Kannada code chart.

Lao Lao Lao Lao 536870912

The Lao code chart.

LatinExtendedA LatinExtendedA LatinExtendedA LatinExtendedA 4

The Latin Extended-A code chart.

LatinExtendedB LatinExtendedB LatinExtendedB LatinExtendedB 8

The Latin Extended-B code chart.

Malayalam Malayalam Malayalam Malayalam 67108864

The Malayalam code chart.

Nko Nko Nko Nko 65536

The N'ko code chart.

None None None None 0

None of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts from the lower region are marked as safe.

Oriya Oriya Oriya Oriya 4194304

The Oriya code chart.

Samaritan Samaritan Samaritan Samaritan 131072

The Samaritan code chart.

Sinhala Sinhala Sinhala Sinhala 134217728

The Sinhala code chart.

SpacingModifierLetters SpacingModifierLetters SpacingModifierLetters SpacingModifierLetters 32

The Spacing Modifier Letters code chart.

Syriac Syriac Syriac Syriac 8192

The Syriac code chart.

Tamil Tamil Tamil Tamil 8388608

The Tamil code chart.

Telugu Telugu Telugu Telugu 16777216

The Telugu code chart.

Thaana Thaana Thaana Thaana 32768

The Thaana code chart.

Thai Thai Thai Thai 268435456

The Thai code chart.

Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan 1073741824

The Tibetan code table.

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