UpperCodeCharts UpperCodeCharts UpperCodeCharts UpperCodeCharts Enum


Specifies values for the upper region of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts, from UA8E0 to UFFFD.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class UpperCodeCharts
public enum UpperCodeCharts
type UpperCodeCharts = 
Public Enum UpperCodeCharts


AlphabeticPresentationForms AlphabeticPresentationForms AlphabeticPresentationForms AlphabeticPresentationForms 4096

The Alphabetic Presentation Forms code chart.

ArabicPresentationFormsA ArabicPresentationFormsA ArabicPresentationFormsA ArabicPresentationFormsA 8192

The Arabic Presentation Forms-A code chart.

ArabicPresentationFormsB ArabicPresentationFormsB ArabicPresentationFormsB ArabicPresentationFormsB 524288

The Arabic Presentation Forms-B code chart.

Cham Cham Cham Cham 32

The Cham code chart.

CjkCompatibilityForms CjkCompatibilityForms CjkCompatibilityForms CjkCompatibilityForms 131072

The CJK Compatibility Forms code chart.

CjkCompatibilityIdeographs CjkCompatibilityIdeographs CjkCompatibilityIdeographs CjkCompatibilityIdeographs 2048

The CJK Compatibility Ideographs code chart.

CombiningHalfMarks CombiningHalfMarks CombiningHalfMarks CombiningHalfMarks 65536

The Combining Half Marks code chart.

DevanagariExtended DevanagariExtended DevanagariExtended DevanagariExtended 1

The Devanagari Extended code chart.

HalfWidthAndFullWidthForms HalfWidthAndFullWidthForms HalfWidthAndFullWidthForms HalfWidthAndFullWidthForms 1048576

The Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms code chart

HangulJamoExtendedA HangulJamoExtendedA HangulJamoExtendedA HangulJamoExtendedA 8

The Hangul Jamo Extended-A code chart.

HangulJamoExtendedB HangulJamoExtendedB HangulJamoExtendedB HangulJamoExtendedB 1024

The Hangul Jamo Extended-B code chart.

HangulSyllables HangulSyllables HangulSyllables HangulSyllables 512

The Hangul Syllables code chart.

Javanese Javanese Javanese Javanese 16

The Javanese code chart.

KayahLi KayahLi KayahLi KayahLi 2

The Kayah Li code chart.

MeeteiMayek MeeteiMayek MeeteiMayek MeeteiMayek 256

The Meetei Mayek code chart.

MyanmarExtendedA MyanmarExtendedA MyanmarExtendedA MyanmarExtendedA 64

The Myanmar Extended-A code chart.

None None None None 0

None of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts from the upper region are marked as safe.

Rejang Rejang Rejang Rejang 4

The Rejang code chart.

SmallFormVariants SmallFormVariants SmallFormVariants SmallFormVariants 262144

The Small Form Variants code chart.

Specials Specials Specials Specials 2097152

The Specials code chart.

TaiViet TaiViet TaiViet TaiViet 128

The Tai Viet code chart.

VariationSelectors VariationSelectors VariationSelectors VariationSelectors 16384

The Variation Selectors code chart.

VerticalForms VerticalForms VerticalForms VerticalForms 32768

The Vertical Forms code chart.

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