UpperMidCodeCharts UpperMidCodeCharts UpperMidCodeCharts UpperMidCodeCharts Enum


Specifies values for the upper-middle region of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts, from U2DE0 to UA8DF.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class UpperMidCodeCharts
public enum UpperMidCodeCharts
type UpperMidCodeCharts = 
Public Enum UpperMidCodeCharts


Bamum Bamum Bamum Bamum 16777216

The Bamum code chart.

Bopomofo Bopomofo Bopomofo Bopomofo 256

The Bopomofo code chart.

BopomofoExtended BopomofoExtended BopomofoExtended BopomofoExtended 2048

The Bopomofo Extended code chart.

CjkCompatibility CjkCompatibility CjkCompatibility CjkCompatibility 32768

The CJK Compatibility code chart.

CjkRadicalsSupplement CjkRadicalsSupplement CjkRadicalsSupplement CjkRadicalsSupplement 4

The CJK Radicals Supplement code chart.

CjkStrokes CjkStrokes CjkStrokes CjkStrokes 4096

The CJK Strokes code chart.

CjkSymbolsAndPunctuation CjkSymbolsAndPunctuation CjkSymbolsAndPunctuation CjkSymbolsAndPunctuation 32

The CJK Symbols and Punctuation code chart.

CjkUnifiedIdeographs CjkUnifiedIdeographs CjkUnifiedIdeographs CjkUnifiedIdeographs 262144

The CJK Unified Ideographs code chart.

CjkUnifiedIdeographsExtensionA CjkUnifiedIdeographsExtensionA CjkUnifiedIdeographsExtensionA CjkUnifiedIdeographsExtensionA 65536

The CJK Unified Ideographs Extension-A code chart.

CommonIndicNumberForms CommonIndicNumberForms CommonIndicNumberForms CommonIndicNumberForms 268435456

The Common Indic Number Forms code chart.

CyrillicExtendedA CyrillicExtendedA CyrillicExtendedA CyrillicExtendedA 1

The Cyrillic Extended-A code chart.

CyrillicExtendedB CyrillicExtendedB CyrillicExtendedB CyrillicExtendedB 8388608

The Cyrillic Extended-B code chart.

EnclosedCjkLettersAndMonths EnclosedCjkLettersAndMonths EnclosedCjkLettersAndMonths EnclosedCjkLettersAndMonths 16384

The Enclosed CJK Letters and Months code chart.

HangulCompatibilityJamo HangulCompatibilityJamo HangulCompatibilityJamo HangulCompatibilityJamo 512

The Hangul Compatibility Jamo code chart.

Hiragana Hiragana Hiragana Hiragana 64

The Hiragana code chart.

IdeographicDescriptionCharacters IdeographicDescriptionCharacters IdeographicDescriptionCharacters IdeographicDescriptionCharacters 16

The Ideographic Description Characters code chart.

Kanbun Kanbun Kanbun Kanbun 1024

The Kanbun code chart.

KangxiRadicals KangxiRadicals KangxiRadicals KangxiRadicals 8

The Kangxi Radicals code chart.

Katakana Katakana Katakana Katakana 128

The Katakana code chart.

KatakanaPhoneticExtensions KatakanaPhoneticExtensions KatakanaPhoneticExtensions KatakanaPhoneticExtensions 8192

The Katakana Phonetic Extensions code chart.

LatinExtendedD LatinExtendedD LatinExtendedD LatinExtendedD 67108864

The Latin Extended-D code chart.

Lisu Lisu Lisu Lisu 2097152

The Lisu code chart.

ModifierToneLetters ModifierToneLetters ModifierToneLetters ModifierToneLetters 33554432

The Modifier Tone Letters code chart.

None None None None 0

None of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts from the upper-middle region are marked as safe.

Phagspa Phagspa Phagspa Phagspa 536870912

The Phags-Pa code chart.

Saurashtra Saurashtra Saurashtra Saurashtra 1073741824

The Saurashtra code chart.

SupplementalPunctuation SupplementalPunctuation SupplementalPunctuation SupplementalPunctuation 2

The Supplemental Punctuation code chart.

SylotiNagri SylotiNagri SylotiNagri SylotiNagri 134217728

The Syloti Nagri code chart.

Vai Vai Vai Vai 4194304

The Vai code chart.

YijingHexagramSymbols YijingHexagramSymbols YijingHexagramSymbols YijingHexagramSymbols 131072

The Yijing Hexagram Symbols code chart.

YiRadicals YiRadicals YiRadicals YiRadicals 1048576

The Yi Radicals code chart.

YiSyllables YiSyllables YiSyllables YiSyllables 524288

The Yi Syllables code chart.

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