MembershipProvider.OnValidatingPassword(ValidatePasswordEventArgs) Method


Raises the ValidatingPassword event if an event handler has been defined.

 virtual void OnValidatingPassword(System::Web::Security::ValidatePasswordEventArgs ^ e);
protected virtual void OnValidatingPassword (System.Web.Security.ValidatePasswordEventArgs e);
abstract member OnValidatingPassword : System.Web.Security.ValidatePasswordEventArgs -> unit
override this.OnValidatingPassword : System.Web.Security.ValidatePasswordEventArgs -> unit
Protected Overridable Sub OnValidatingPassword (e As ValidatePasswordEventArgs)



For an example of a MembershipProvider implementation, see Implementing a Profile Provider.


The OnValidatingPassword virtual method is used during the CreateUser, ChangePassword, and ResetPassword methods to raise the ValidatingPassword event if a MembershipValidatePasswordEventHandler has been specified. The e parameter is used to pass a ValidatePasswordEventArgs object to the MembershipValidatePasswordEventHandler event handler. When the ValidatingPassword event has completed, the properties of the ValidatePasswordEventArgs object supplied as the e parameter can be examined to determine whether the current action should be canceled and if a particular Exception, stored in the FailureInformation property, should be thrown.

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