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This API is now obsolete.

Represents a Passport-authenticated principal. This class is deprecated.

public ref class PassportPrincipal sealed : System::Security::Principal::GenericPrincipal
[System.Obsolete("This type is obsolete. The Passport authentication product is no longer supported and has been superseded by Live ID.")]
public sealed class PassportPrincipal : System.Security.Principal.GenericPrincipal
type PassportPrincipal = class
    inherit GenericPrincipal
Public NotInheritable Class PassportPrincipal
Inherits GenericPrincipal


This class has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Microsoft Passport Network has been replaced by Windows Live ID. For more information about how to use Windows Live ID to authenticate users in a Web application, see Windows Live ID SDK.


PassportPrincipal(PassportIdentity, String[]) PassportPrincipal(PassportIdentity, String[]) PassportPrincipal(PassportIdentity, String[]) PassportPrincipal(PassportIdentity, String[])

Initializes a new instance of the PassportPrincipal class from a PassportIdentity instance and an array of role names to which the user represented by that PassportIdentity belongs. This class is deprecated.


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IsInRole(String) IsInRole(String) IsInRole(String) IsInRole(String)

Determines whether the current GenericPrincipal belongs to the specified role.

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Identity Identity Identity Identity

Gets the GenericIdentity of the user represented by the current GenericPrincipal.

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