ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension Class


Represents an extensibility element added to an XML Web service.

public ref class ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension abstract
public abstract class ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension
type ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension = class
Public MustInherit Class ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension


In a derived class, the ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension class allows users to define extensibility elements in addition to those defined in the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) specification. Extensibility elements can be added to a ServiceDescription at any of several levels within the class hierarchy. Thus many classes derived from the DocumentableItem class (including the ServiceDescription class) have an Extensions property, which returns a ServiceDescriptionFormatExtensionCollection.


ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension() ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension() ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension() ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension()

Initializes a new instance of the ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension class.


Handled Handled Handled Handled

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension is used by the import process when the extensibility element is imported.

Parent Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent of the ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension.

Required Required Required Required

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension is necessary for the action to which it refers.


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