DiscoveryRequestHandler DiscoveryRequestHandler DiscoveryRequestHandler DiscoveryRequestHandler Class


An ASP.NET HTTP handler that processes a request for a Web services discovery document.

public ref class DiscoveryRequestHandler sealed : System::Web::IHttpHandler
public sealed class DiscoveryRequestHandler : System.Web.IHttpHandler
type DiscoveryRequestHandler = class
    interface IHttpHandler
Public NotInheritable Class DiscoveryRequestHandler
Implements IHttpHandler


The DiscoveryRequestHandler class, via its ProcessRequest method, processes an HTTP request for a discovery document. A discovery document is represented by the DiscoveryDocument class and is usually serialized as a file using a .disco extension. Web services discovery provides a mechanism for determining the Web services that are available at a given location.

The DiscoveryRequestHandler class normally does not need to be used directly by a developer.


DiscoveryRequestHandler() DiscoveryRequestHandler() DiscoveryRequestHandler() DiscoveryRequestHandler()

Initializes a new instance of the DiscoveryRequestHandler class.


IsReusable IsReusable IsReusable IsReusable

Gets a value of true, indicates whether the instance of DiscoveryRequestHandler (or a derived class) is reusable.


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ProcessRequest(HttpContext) ProcessRequest(HttpContext) ProcessRequest(HttpContext) ProcessRequest(HttpContext)

Handles an HTTP request for a discovery document, which is serialized to the HTTP response.

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