SoapUnknownHeader SoapUnknownHeader SoapUnknownHeader SoapUnknownHeader Class


Represents the data received from a SOAP header that was not understood by the recipient XML Web service or XML Web service client. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class SoapUnknownHeader sealed : System::Web::Services::Protocols::SoapHeader
public sealed class SoapUnknownHeader : System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeader
type SoapUnknownHeader = class
    inherit SoapHeader
Public NotInheritable Class SoapUnknownHeader
Inherits SoapHeader


The MyWebService XML Web service accepts and processes the MyHeader SOAP header sent with any calls to the MyWebMethod XML Web service method. Additionally, MyWebMethod receives any SOAP headers other than the MyHeader SOAP header.


A SOAP client might invoke an XML Web service with additional data beyond the required parameters in the form of a SOAP header. An XML Web service created using ASP.NET or an XML Web service client can view any SOAP headers it did not know about at the time the XML Web service was written by applying a SoapHeaderAttribute with a MemberName property of either an array of SoapHeader, SoapHeader, SoapUnknownHeader or an array of SoapUnknownHeader to the XML Web service method. Specifying a Type of SoapUnknownHeader, allows the XML Web service to view the contents of the SOAP header in the form of an XmlElement.


SoapUnknownHeader() SoapUnknownHeader() SoapUnknownHeader() SoapUnknownHeader()

Initializes a new instance of the SoapUnknownHeader class.


Actor Actor Actor Actor

Gets or sets the recipient of the SOAP header.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)
DidUnderstand DidUnderstand DidUnderstand DidUnderstand

Gets or sets a value indicating whether an XML Web service method properly processed a SOAP header.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)
Element Element Element Element

Gets or sets the XML Header element for a SOAP request or response.

EncodedMustUnderstand EncodedMustUnderstand EncodedMustUnderstand EncodedMustUnderstand

Gets or sets the value of the mustUnderstand XML attribute for the SOAP header when communicating with SOAP protocol version 1.1.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)
EncodedMustUnderstand12 EncodedMustUnderstand12 EncodedMustUnderstand12 EncodedMustUnderstand12

Gets or sets the value of the mustUnderstand XML attribute for the SOAP header when communicating with SOAP protocol version 1.2.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)
EncodedRelay EncodedRelay EncodedRelay EncodedRelay

Gets or sets the relay attribute of the SOAP 1.2 header.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)
MustUnderstand MustUnderstand MustUnderstand MustUnderstand

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the SoapHeader must be understood.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)
Relay Relay Relay Relay

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the SOAP header is to be relayed to the next SOAP node if the current node does not understand the header.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)
Role Role Role Role

Gets or sets the recipient of the SOAP header.

(Inherited from SoapHeader)


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