WebClientAsyncResult WebClientAsyncResult WebClientAsyncResult WebClientAsyncResult Class


Provides an implementation of IAsyncResult for use by XML Web service proxies to implement the standard asynchronous method pattern.

public ref class WebClientAsyncResult : IAsyncResult
public class WebClientAsyncResult : IAsyncResult
type WebClientAsyncResult = class
    interface IAsyncResult
Public Class WebClientAsyncResult
Implements IAsyncResult


When you call the BeginMyMethodName method, where MyMethodName is the synchronous version of the method, on an XML Web service proxy class, an instance of the WebClientAsyncResult is returned. Following the standard asynchronous design pattern, that instance of WebClientAsyncResult must later be passed to EndMyMethodName to complete the asynchronous method call.

For details on calling XML Web services asynchronously, see Communicating with XML Web Services Asynchronously.


AsyncState AsyncState AsyncState AsyncState

Gets the object provided in the last parameter to the Begin method asynchronous call.

AsyncWaitHandle AsyncWaitHandle AsyncWaitHandle AsyncWaitHandle

Gets a WaitHandle that is used to wait for an asynchronous operation to complete.

CompletedSynchronously CompletedSynchronously CompletedSynchronously CompletedSynchronously

Gets a value indicating whether the Begin call completed synchronously.

IsCompleted IsCompleted IsCompleted IsCompleted

Gets a value indicating whether the asynchronous XML Web service request has completed.


Abort() Abort() Abort() Abort()

Cancels an asynchronous XML Web service request.

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