SiteMapNode.IsAccessibleToUser(HttpContext) Method


Gets a value indicating whether the specified site map node can be viewed by the user in the specified context.

 virtual bool IsAccessibleToUser(System::Web::HttpContext ^ context);
public virtual bool IsAccessibleToUser (System.Web.HttpContext context);
abstract member IsAccessibleToUser : System.Web.HttpContext -> bool
override this.IsAccessibleToUser : System.Web.HttpContext -> bool
Public Overridable Function IsAccessibleToUser (context As HttpContext) As Boolean



The HttpContext that contains user information.



true if any one of the following conditions is met: the security trimming is enabled and the current user is a member of at least one of the roles allowing access to view the site map node; the current user is authorized specifically for the requested node's URL in the authorization element for the current application and the URL is located within the directory structure for the application; the current thread has an associated WindowsIdentity that has file access to the requested node's URL and the URL is located within the directory structure for the application; or security trimming is not enabled and therefore any user is allowed to view the site map node; otherwise, false.


The specified context is null.


The IsAccessibleToUser method calls the IsAccessibleToUser method of the provider that the node is associated with, passing the specified context.

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