SiteMapNode.INavigateUIData.Value Property


Gets the Title property of the site map node. For a description of this member, see Value.

property System::String ^ System::Web::UI::INavigateUIData::Value { System::String ^ get(); };
string System.Web.UI.INavigateUIData.Value { get; }
member this.System.Web.UI.INavigateUIData.Value : string
 ReadOnly Property Value As String Implements INavigateUIData.Value

Property Value


A value that is not displayed; otherwise, Empty.



The INavigateUIData.Value property delegates to the Title property and is used to store additional data about the navigation node, such as the data that is used for handling postback events.

This member is an explicit interface member implementation. It can be used only when the SiteMapNode instance is cast to an INavigateUIData interface.

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