Control.OnLoad(EventArgs) Control.OnLoad(EventArgs) Control.OnLoad(EventArgs) Control.OnLoad(EventArgs) Method


Raises the Load event.

protected public:
 virtual void OnLoad(EventArgs ^ e);
protected internal virtual void OnLoad (EventArgs e);
abstract member OnLoad : EventArgs -> unit
override this.OnLoad : EventArgs -> unit
Protected Friend Overridable Sub OnLoad (e As EventArgs)


EventArgs EventArgs EventArgs EventArgs

The EventArgs object that contains the event data.


// Override the OnLoad method to set _text to
// a default value if it is null.
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)
    if (_text == null)
        _text = "Here is some default text.";
Protected Overrides Sub OnLoad(ByVal e As EventArgs)
    If _text Is Nothing Then
        _text = "Here is some default text."
    End If
End Sub


ASP.NET calls this method to raise the Load event. If you are developing a custom control, you can override this method in order to provide additional processing. If you override this method, call the base control's OnLoad method to notify subscribers to the event.

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