DataSourceControl.IDataSource.GetViewNames Method


Gets a collection of names, representing the list of DataSourceView objects associated with the DataSourceControl control.

 virtual System::Collections::ICollection ^ System.Web.UI.IDataSource.GetViewNames() = System::Web::UI::IDataSource::GetViewNames;
System.Collections.ICollection IDataSource.GetViewNames ();
Function GetViewNames () As ICollection Implements IDataSource.GetViewNames


An ICollection that contains the names of the DataSourceView objects associated with the DataSourceControl.




The DataSourceControl class's default implementation, which is called by this interface method, returns null, which indicates that only one view is supported. If you extend the DataSourceControl class, override the GetViewNames method to return a collection of view names. A name can be passed to the GetView method to return a DataSourceView object.

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