DataSourceViewSelectCallback Delegate


Represents the asynchronous callback method that a data-bound control supplies to a data source view for asynchronous data retrieval.

public delegate void DataSourceViewSelectCallback(IEnumerable ^ data);
public delegate void DataSourceViewSelectCallback(IEnumerable data);
type DataSourceViewSelectCallback = delegate of IEnumerable -> unit
Public Delegate Sub DataSourceViewSelectCallback(data As IEnumerable)




By default, ASP.NET Web page and control execution is synchronous. However, ASP.NET data source controls also support an asynchronous data retrieval pattern for data operations. None of the data source controls provided by ASP.NET version 2.0 are asynchronous, but a control developer can build a data source control that is asynchronous. The DataSourceView object supports the Select method for asynchronous data retrieval. The DataSourceViewSelectCallback delegate is passed to the data source view by a data-bound control, so that the view can call this delegate when asynchronous processing is complete and deliver the data to the data-bound control.

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