IntervalType IntervalType IntervalType IntervalType Enum


Specifies an interval type.

public enum class IntervalType
public enum IntervalType
type IntervalType = 
Public Enum IntervalType


Days Days Days Days 4

An interval of days.

Hours Hours Hours Hours 5

An interval of hours.

Milliseconds Milliseconds Milliseconds Milliseconds 8

An interval of milliseconds.

Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes 6

An interval of minutes.

Months Months Months Months 2

An interval of months.

Number Number Number Number 0

A numerical interval.

Seconds Seconds Seconds Seconds 7

An interval of seconds.

Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks 3

An interval of weeks.

Years Years Years Years 1

An interval of years.


The IntervalType enumeration represents the type of interval and interval offset used for some definitions of the Group and InsertEmptyPoints methods of the DataManipulator class.

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