DataBindingHandler Class


Provides a base class for a data-binding handler.

public ref class DataBindingHandler abstract
public abstract class DataBindingHandler
type DataBindingHandler = class
Public MustInherit Class DataBindingHandler


DataBindingHandler provides a base class for data-binding handlers. A data-binding handler can be used within a designer to perform data-binding to enable a meaningful display of the control on the design surface. Typically a control's designer is responsible for this functionality. However, when a control is not live on the design surface, such as within the template of another control, it does not have a designer, and this functionality is provided by a data-binding handler if one has been specified with a DataBindingHandlerAttribute in the code for the control.

To use a data-binding handler, the control which has the data-bound property or properties must have a DataBindingHandlerAttribute specified within its code that indicates the type of data-binding handler to use.

For example, the Label control is associated with the TextDataBindingHandler class through a DataBindingHandlerAttribute in the code for the Label class. Within a template for a DataList, a Label control whose text property has been data bound displays the word "DataBound" on the label. Without the data-binding handler, the label would be invisible at design-time, as it does not have a designer to bind its data-bound properties while in a templated control at design-time.

To implement a data-binding handler, define a new class that derives from this class and implement the DataBindControl method to set the appropriate properties.



Initializes a new instance of the DataBindingHandler class.


DataBindControl(IDesignerHost, Control)

Binds the specified control.


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