DesignerAutoFormat.GetPreviewControl(Control) Method


Returns a copy of the associated control in order to provide a preview before applying the format to the control.

 virtual System::Web::UI::Control ^ GetPreviewControl(System::Web::UI::Control ^ runtimeControl);
public virtual System.Web.UI.Control GetPreviewControl (System.Web.UI.Control runtimeControl);
abstract member GetPreviewControl : System.Web.UI.Control -> System.Web.UI.Control
override this.GetPreviewControl : System.Web.UI.Control -> System.Web.UI.Control
Public Overridable Function GetPreviewControl (runtimeControl As Control) As Control



A run-time version of the Web server control.


The GetPreviewControl(Control) method returns a copy of the associated Web server control.


The GetPreviewControl method is used by visual designers, such as Visual Studio 2005, in an AutoFormat dialog box to display a formatted run-time preview of the control at design time before applying the format to the actual control.

Regardless of the setting of the SupportsPreviewControlAttribute attribute for the ControlDesigner object, the GetPreviewControl method returns a copy of the control in the runtimeControl parameter.

Notes to Inheritors

You can override the GetPreviewControl(Control) method in the following situations:

  • The size of the returned control will be different from the original control.

  • The control must be populated with sample data in order to present a sufficient preview.

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