IControlDesignerTag IControlDesignerTag IControlDesignerTag IControlDesignerTag Interface


Provides an interface for design-time access to the HTML markup for a control that is associated with a control designer.

public interface class IControlDesignerTag
public interface IControlDesignerTag
type IControlDesignerTag = interface
Public Interface IControlDesignerTag


The IControlDesignerTag interface is the contract between the control designer and a design host that enables the design host to manipulate the HTML tag at design time.


IsDirty IsDirty IsDirty IsDirty

Gets a value indicating whether or not an attribute or the content of a tag has changed.


GetAttribute(String) GetAttribute(String) GetAttribute(String) GetAttribute(String)

Retrieves the value of the identified attribute on the tag.

GetContent() GetContent() GetContent() GetContent()

Retrieves the HTML markup for the content of the tag.

GetOuterContent() GetOuterContent() GetOuterContent() GetOuterContent()

Retrieves the complete HTML markup for the control, including the outer tags.

RemoveAttribute(String) RemoveAttribute(String) RemoveAttribute(String) RemoveAttribute(String)

Deletes the specified attribute from the tag.

SetAttribute(String, String) SetAttribute(String, String) SetAttribute(String, String) SetAttribute(String, String)

Sets the value of the specified attribute and creates the attribute, if necessary.

SetContent(String) SetContent(String) SetContent(String) SetContent(String)

Sets the HTML markup for the content of the tag.

SetDirty(Boolean) SetDirty(Boolean) SetDirty(Boolean) SetDirty(Boolean)

Sets the IsDirty property of the tag.

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