ImageUrlEditor.Filter Property


Gets the file name filter string for the editor. This string is used to determine the items that appear in the file list of the dialog box.

 virtual property System::String ^ Filter { System::String ^ get(); };
protected override string Filter { get; }
member this.Filter : string
Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property Filter As String

Property Value


The filter string that can be used to filter the file list of the dialog box.


The Filter property specifies a filter string with two filter options: one for common image file extensions (*.gif, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.wmf, *.png), and one for all files (*.*).

A filter string contains one or more filter options. Each filter option contains a description of the filter, followed by the vertical bar (|) and the filter pattern. The strings for different filtering options are separated by the vertical bar.

The following is an example of a filter string that contains two filter options: "Bitmap Files (*.bmp)|*.bmp|All Files (*.*)|*.*".

You can specify several filter patterns in a filter option by separating the filter patterns with semicolons. The following is an example of a filter string in which the first filter option specifies three filter patterns: "Image Files(*.bmp;*.jpg;*.gif)|*.bmp;*.jpg;*.gif|All Files (*.*)|*.*".

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