IWebApplication IWebApplication IWebApplication IWebApplication Interface


Provides an interface for accessing a Web application in a design host, such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, at design time.

public interface class IWebApplication : IServiceProvider
public interface IWebApplication : IServiceProvider
type IWebApplication = interface
    interface IServiceProvider
Public Interface IWebApplication
Implements IServiceProvider


RootProjectItem RootProjectItem RootProjectItem RootProjectItem

Gets the root project item from the design host.


GetProjectItemFromUrl(String) GetProjectItemFromUrl(String) GetProjectItemFromUrl(String) GetProjectItemFromUrl(String)

Returns a project item from a design host based on its URL.

GetService(Type) GetService(Type) GetService(Type) GetService(Type)

Gets the service object of the specified type.

(Inherited from IServiceProvider)
OpenWebConfiguration(Boolean) OpenWebConfiguration(Boolean) OpenWebConfiguration(Boolean) OpenWebConfiguration(Boolean)

Returns a Configuration object representing the current Web application in the design host.

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